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May 25th 2016



CP Electronics acquired by Legrand Electric.

Creation of a new energy controls business unit in the UK. 



Having completed earlier this month, the acquisition of Jontek a specialist provider of software platforms for assisted living call centres, Legrand Electric Limited is pleased to announce that it has today acquired CP Electronics Limited, the UK leader in energy efficient lighting controls.

Solutions from CP Electronics are complementary to Legrand’s offer in the commercial segment, where the company has leading positions in workstation solutions and in cable management systems.

More generally, CP Electronics will boost Legrand’s international presence in energy efficient lighting control, a market driven by new building regulations and increased demand for energy saving solutions and where Legrand already commands leading positions, namely in the United States thanks to its Wattstopper brand.

London based CP Electronics employs 180 people.

CP Electronics will form part of a newly created energy controls business unit, run by CP Electronics management team reporting to Tony Greig, CEO Legrand Electric.   

For further information contact Tony Greig(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Marcus Martin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



As leading innovators in Technology Enabled Care services, Tynetec are delighted to welcome Jontek Ltd to its Assisted Living & Healthcare Business Unit of Legrand Electric Ltd.

The acquisition of the Stockport based Jontek Ltd by Legrand, see’s a further investment into the Assisted Living market and strengthens the group’s capabilities to deliver digital platform solutions to support those who wish to remain independent in their own home or with an appropriate level of carer support.

The deal was announced jointly by Chris Dodd, Managing Director of Legrand’s UK Assisted Living and Healthcare Business Unit and John Mooney, Managing Director of Jontek Ltd.

The Jontek brand has been at the forefront of monitoring for over 20 years and their Answer-link Monitoring Software Platform is the perfect complement to the Tynetec product offering of At Home Alarms and Assisted Living Call Systems.

Managing Director, Chris Dodd commented “The acquisition of Jontek Ltd provides us with a fantastic opportunity to offer complete, integrated solutions to all of our clients, adding greater value and enhanced digital capabilities.”

John Mooney added, “To achieve our long term goals of accelerating our market positions both nationally and internationally, Legrand will enable us to continue to invest strongly in what we believe to be the most advanced monitoring software on the market. Combining Tynetec product hardware and Jontek software will provide significant benefits to better service both of our customers.”

Chris Dodd concludes, “Historically, both Jontek and Tynetec have been committed advocates of an open protocol philosophy. This will continue to remain one of our primary considerations when developing integrated digital solutions and innovative IP care platforms of the future.”

For further information contact Chris Dodd on telephone 01670 352371 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 2273

Launched in 2014 by Care Management Matters Magazine, the 3rd Sector Care Awards celebrate innovation and care excellence within the not-for-profit care and support sector.

This year’s ceremony took place on Wednesday 9th December at the Marriott Hotel in London. Here, hundreds of the country’s leading care-givers gathered to share and celebrate examples of brilliance within their industry.  

Esther 2

Dame Esther Rantzen hosted the event. As ambassador for The Silver Line, a support line for older people, her passion for the care sector shone through as did her genuine interest in the award winners and their success stories. 

The winners included Anchor's Jane Ashcroft who achieved the Making a Difference Award and The End of Life Award went to Mount Ephraim House Care Team for their attentive and person-centred approach to palliative care.

Community Engagement Award 4

Aid Call were in attendance as sponsors of the Community Engagement Award. Wendy Kendall, our Head of Sales, presented the award to worthy winners Together for Mental Wellbeing. This was in recognition of the contribution they make to local communities through supporting those who have experienced mental health concerns. 

Dance Unity 14

Halas Homes Dance Unity entertained with a number of contemporary dance routines including 'I'm only Human' by Christina Perri. The Certitude Community Choir, who were asked back by popular demand, performed a selection of festive songs and classic hits. The afternoon culminated in a joint performance by the two groups.

Certitude Choir 14 copy

The triumphs of the care sector and the individuals that contribute to them are all too often overlooked in place of harrowing stories of neglect and abuse. The 3rd Sector Care Awards represented the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate those that make a difference and express the gratitude of those they care for. Long may this continue.

For a full list of finalists and winners click here.

Pulse Hefma November December 2015

Aid Call feature in the latest editon of HefmA Pulse. 

This issue contains an article focused on nurse call systems and how they are used in modern healthcare environments. See our full interview below:

Q: How can nurse call systems help improve the patient experience and make it easier for staff to offer the best possible care?

A: Nurse call systems improve the patient experience by allowing individuals to call for assistance quickly and discreetly from their bedside. Aid Call nurse call systems are designed to reduce response times to these emergency calls, improve the standard of responses by increasing the amount of information available to nurses and to facilitate the care of those with more complex needs. It better coordinates staff time by encouraging better communication, improving mobility and, by providing a wealth of information in one place, it saves unnecessary journeys. This frees up resources and facilitates enhanced, more person-centred care.

Q: How is the latest technology utilised in modern nurse call systems?

A: Wireless – Current pressures facing the healthcare sector have led to the wider adoption of wireless nurse call systems. Unlike their hardwired counterparts, wireless systems offer low-cost and undisruptive installations that can be completed quickly and cleanly on a working ward. They also allow for easy expansion into the future. This reflects the shift away from new constructions within the NHS and the move towards expansions and upgrades, so to not cause delays to an already overstretched service.

While suspicion still exists around the reliability of wireless networks in life critical environments, modern wireless systems offer secure, dependable communication. Nevertheless, Aid Call are the only nurse call provider that utilises an adaptable, two-way radio network. Cutting edge XBee wireless mesh network technology directs all calls via the quickest and safest route because each device acts as a communicative node. This ensures all calls get through even in the event of a component failure with reassurance lights on each device confirming to the user that their call has been received.

Call Point

HTM Compliant - The Department of Health released the Health Technical Memorandum (08-03) in 2013. This document outlines the expected standards and best practice of modern healthcare bed head technology and it is therefore imperative for nurse call systems to adhere to them. To comply, it dictates that a nurse call system should be ‘designed and installed in a manner that allows for simple and economic adaption, amendment, maintenance or addition of services’. It includes guidelines on hygiene, safety and functionality. Aid Call’s new release, the Touchsafe Pro, is fully HTM compliant.  

Touchscreen – Touchscreens facilitate the quick and easy manoeuvring of more complex software. This opens up the provision of more innovative features and allows access to a greater wealth of utilities. For example, with an Aid Call system, this allows staff to easily program reminder or medication calls, apply differing night/day modes and create separate nurse profiles.  Touchscreen facilities allow hospital staff to apply these changes without having to request an engineer. This also makes simple tasks such as changing the date or time far more effortless.

Door MonitorTelecare – Aid Call systems are compatible with a wide range of telecare devices that provide support and give independence to patients with more debilitating conditions. These include pendants, movement sensors, pressure mats, epilepsy monitors and environmental sensors.

By nature, these additions pre-empt when a resident may need assistance. They automatically raise an alarm through the corresponding nurse call system without the individual having to consciously make a call themselves. For instance, an enuresis mat that is placed on the mattress will react to the presence of moisture and will instantly raise an alert. As well as allowing staff to respond discreetly to a potentially sensitive issue, it eliminates concern over residents who refrain from making such a call through embarrassment or fear of being a nuisance. This responsive technology allows care teams to support residents who may not have the necessary cognitive ability to utilise a standard nurse call system.

Additional devices also mean staff can provide preventative care. A door monitor, for example, will raise an alert when an armed door has been opened. This will guide staff to the location of a wandering patient who can then be accompanied safely back to their bed. They are a means to greatly reduce the risk to patients who may otherwise inadvertently cause themselves harm.

Accountability - In light of demands for greater accountability in care establishments, nurse call systems should now include a call logging facility as standard. Aid Call systems record all calls that go through the system and indicate such things as call location, call type and response time. This is invaluable as a safeguarding tool and, as it is indicative of individual staff performance, is useful for staff audits. 

callpoint and trunking

Q: How easy are they to install and what is involved in the process?

A: As all Aid Call systems are wireless, the installation process is quick and easy. Each device is simply attached to the wall using a bracket and two screws, or it simply connects to bed head trunking. This can take place without disruption on a working ward and the site will not be left without a working system for any length of time. This flexibility means that hospital staff can decide on the location of each device and this is easily changeable should requirements change in the future. To upgrade, a hospital would simply need to have a site survey visit to determine the exact equipment they needed and then agree a date for install. 

Click here for the complete publication.

front entrance 3 autumn pic


St Oswald’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care to people living in the North East of England. Founded in the 1970’s, the charity supports adults, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, as well as their families and carers. Services for adults include: day services, an inpatient unit and a specialist lymphoedema outpatient clinic. The Hospice also has a dedicated service for Children and Young Adults, providing specialist short breaks and end-of-life care.


The CP3000 system was first installed at St Oswald’s main site in Gosforth, Newcastle in 2010 and since then they have utilised every generation of our nurse call solutions. This includes our brand new Touchsafe Pro system which is due to be installed in the next few weeks.


We spoke to Jane Hamblin, Facilities Manager, to discover how their Aid Call systems have supported the provision of care at St Oswald’s Hospice. 


How have your Aid Call systems fulfilled the needs of a site providing palliative care? 


The care of our patients is our priority, and we endeavour to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible. Having an Aid Call system enables us to respond to their needs as quickly as we can, particularly if they are distressed or upset. The emergency tone option is important so that the relevant nursing staff are directed to the patient immediately.



How has your current system supported your provision of care at St Oswald's Hospice?


The system enables us to respond to patients as quickly as possible, for whatever reason the system has been activated. The use of pagers is significant as care teams can be alerted when they are not on the ward.



Has it been beneficial to have the option of a silent system?


Silent operation is a key option, particularly at night, so that the patients aren’t disturbed by the noise from the panel. Some of our patients experience pain due to their condition, meaning that sleep can be difficult, so a silent system avoids disruptions and ensures our patients can remain in a calm environment.


Aid Call are proud to be able support the great work that takes place at St Oswald’s Hospice and we look forward to working with them into the future. 

AID 6429 ret

“Scandals like Winterbourne View and Mid-Staffs have understandably knocked people’s confidence in the health and care system. Part of our commitment to rebuilding that trust comes from making sure that people are held to account for failings when they occur. We don’t want a culture of fear, but we have to ensure that in cases where people have failed in their responsibilities, those people are held to account.”  - Norman Lamb

Care standards have come under heightened scrutiny in light of recent high profile cases of abuse and neglect. Improving accountability on both an individual and organisational level is an important step towards bettering levels of care and restoring faith in the sector.

Because accountability is dependent on the provision of evidence, it is best achieved through monitoring and documenting staff performance. Beyond assigning responsibility, this feedback is essential in motivating development. As well as highlighting trouble areas in order to improve on them, it is also a means to provide evidence of, and reinforce, good practices. Care organisations that adopt processes that allow for continual learning and development will encourage improved staff performance and consequentially an enhanced level of care.

“If employees and organisations are holding themselves more accountable, then the desire to learn and use evidence-based practices and performance measurement tools will be increased, thus engendering continuous assessment, learning and change… The ultimate goal of creating a culture of accountability is to create a continuously learning organisation.” – The Health Care Manager, Volume 28, Number 2.

Call Logger Page

Useful information to assist in this process can be obtained through your nurse call system. Downloadable call logging software is designed to track and store all call information and provide an easily accessible platform from which to analyse it. The software will provide details of all calls raised through the system as well as logging staff movement. Linked to computers or other devices, both on and off site, this downloadable information can provide detailed insights into the performance of individual staff members. It can indicate how long staff spend with residents, whether they have completed the correct health checks and their response times to emergency calls. It provides measurable data for management teams to utilise during audits, staff reviews and is an invaluable means for safeguarding staff.

My own discussions with Care Home Managers have proved how valuable this tool can be:

Earlier this year I met Annette Vincent, Home Manager of Ashdown Residential Home in Teignmouth, which cares for those living with both learning disabilities and old age. She expressed how important monitoring staff behaviour was to maintaining high levels of care particularly when caring for vulnerable people, “The data logging system is good for supervision because the records allow you to check what staff have been doing. It is useful because you can analyse the facts, print it off and ensure the right checks are being done.” Homeowner, David Rogers, added, “I [can] go on the system at any time and have a look to see if people are doing the right checks and I didn’t know you could do that!” (See full case study here)

On many sites there are already measures in place to structure a movement towards better accountability, they just need to be utilised. Facilities such as call logging software offer the assurance that poor care will be recognised, challenged and improved, as well as, importantly, the promise that good care will be celebrated and continued. It will also protect staff against claims of inadequate care and can reassure residents, their families and indeed the general public that the care sector is capable of providing the high level of care we all expect.

If you would like to know more about Aid Call’s call logging software contact us at 01670 357431.

Health Estate September 2015 Page 1

We feature in the month's edition of Health Estate Journal - both as sponsors for their
Healthcare Estates Exhibition Preview and their Nurse Call Technology specialist feature.

Read Cover Story >

Read Article >

See the full edition here.

news 220615

Aid Call feature in the latest edition of National Health Executive where we discuss with our ongoing partner, The Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, how to best support customers through the procurement of Nurse Call technology.

Read article >

See the full edition here

aidcall news

Last month saw the grand launch of our new Touchsafe Pro system at The Care Show in Bournemouth and with it we unveiled our brand new exhibition stand. This new design provides an impressive platform from which to display our newest range and better reflects the variety of features they offer.

Touch Safe Pro

We are proud to announce the release of our newest innovation: The Touchsafe Pro.

Building on the success of our Touchsafe Nurse Call range, The Touchsafe Pro is the product of over thirty-five years of industry-leading experience, an increased investment into research and development, and the invaluable feedback of our loyal customers.

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