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Kincarrathie House

TouchSafe Pro is the system of choice for Kincarrathie House.


Originally the home of Bells Whiskey mogul A.K.Bell and his family, Kincarrathie House situated in the outskirts of Perth, Scotland boasts 6.5 acres of grounds and parklands including a walled garden, a memorial garden and a working vegetable garden with panoramic views over looking historic Perth.  

The home is owned and operated by the charitable Kincarrathie Trust who converted the property into a residential care home in 1961 and has since upgraded and extended the property to a 44 bedroom care home, offering care for elderly residents on both a long and short-term basis.

Have you used Aid Call Products before?

Mrs Maggie Kay Home Manager at Kincarrathie House said; I have been a long established customer of Aid Call, having first used the Aid Call’s Nurse Call System back in 1996, while working in another Care Home. I moved to Kincarrathie House in 2003 and found that the system in place was very noisy and in need of an upgrade. So I did my research and selected the most up to date system that was available at the time which was the Aid Call CP3000 system and J24 pagers.

Why were you looking to upgrade your existing Nurse Call System?

The Aid Call CP3000 system has been in place for approximately 14 years with very little problems. But was now beginning to need increasing maintenance so to ensure the best possible care for our residents, we felt the time had come look to upgrade our Nurse Call System.

What features were important to you when choosing your Nurse Call system?

I wanted a new Nurse Call System that incorporated new technologies but could be scaled up if needed. And could have additional devices added such as pendants or sensor mats because care needs have to evolve with our residents.

The system had to be easy for both staff and residents to use, be reliable and simple to maintain. I particularly wanted to find a silent system as loud alarms can be very intrusive and can unsettle residents when active over a 24 hour period.

I also needed clearly defined call logging for staff and of course cost implications were a big factor for us.

Why was Aid Call selected as your Nurse Call System?

Mr David Trodden Finance & Administration Manager at Kincarrathie House said; we selected the Aid Call TouchSafe Pro Nurse Call System and Blue Bell Pagers as they were the natural choice for us as we had a great relationship with Aid Call and have been extremely happy with the service provided over the years. The price quoted was very detailed and competitive and Aid Call delivered on all of their promises.

What feature(s) of the new Aid Call Touch Safe Pro System have proved most useful?

Mrs Kay said; the clearly defined level of calls indicating basic, assist and emergency calls help staff to prioritise calls and ensures superb response rates for our residents.

The silent features of the system are extremely helpful to ensure residents are not disturbed with loud alarms. And the call logging features with data analysis is invaluable.

How did you find the installation process?

The installation of the Aid Call TouchSafe Pro System went smoothly, the installation team simply worked around the residents causing little to no disruption and there was no damage to décor. I experienced no issues at all with the installation and the staff I worked with were all extremely helpful and professional.

How did you find the training on the Aid Call Touch Safe Pro and Blue Bell Pagers?

The training from the Aid Call team was in-depth, clear and concise. They spent time explaining all of the features and benefits of both the system and the pagers and were happy to answer any of our questions.

How does the system benefit you and your staff?

Staff now sign in and sign out of the Blue Bell Pagers which helps us to monitor and track call responses and timings and ensures data records are always accurate. This protects both staff and residents and ensuring that the right helps gets to the required location as quickly as possible.

How does the system benefit your residents?

Residents like the fact that the call points are not fixed to the walls and can be moved around their rooms. The buttons are clearly marked and easy for them to use. They know if they press for assistance that staff will respond quickly which makes them feel safe and secure.

What kind of service have you had from Aid Call over the years?

 The service and support that we have received over the years has been unrivalled from the Aid Call team, especially from both Chris Donnelly and Stuart Barclay. They regularly pop in and keep us up to date with any new developments in Nurse Call Systems and have also always been on hand should we require assistance. Working with Aid Call I have always felt like a valued customer.

Would you recommend Aid Call?

I have personally worked with Aid Call products and the team for over 14 years now and for me I think it is the best system on the market. The service is most definitely first class and I would recommend it to everyone.



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