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Ashdown Residential Home in Teignmouth, Devon, is a twelve bed facility that cares for residents with learning disabilities. The original building was converted into a care home in 1978 and was taken over by current owners, David and Cathy Rogers, in 1989.

Annette Vincent, Home Manager, and her fourteen permanent staff are trained to provide the specialist care necessary for individuals living with both learning disabilities and old age. They are able to provide the highly personal care that is unique to a small, intimate home and they intend to maintain this into the future.

Annette’s first experience of the Aid Call system was at Caring UK’s Script Event on July 3 2014. Here she met our local Nurse Call specialist, Ade Kiely, and benefited from a full demonstration of a working kit. Soon afterwards, an appointment was made via our in-house sales team for a site visit and again for a demonstration with owner, David Rogers, on July 31. The system was installed nineteen days later.

Here both Annette and David discuss how they have found working with Aid Call and how they have found their wireless Nurse Call system.

Aid Call’s CP5000 system and ATX4/5000 call points are currently in use within Ashdown Residential Home alongside our call logging software.

What features were important to you when choosing your Nurse Call System?

Annette: It was the simplicity of the system as I didn’t want it to be too overcomplicated for my staff. The data logging system is good for supervision because the records allow you to check what staff have been doing. It is useful for supervisions because you can analyse the facts, print it off and ensure the right checks are being done.

David: What attracted me was that I could go on the system at any time and have a look to see if people are doing the right checks and I didn’t know you could do that! It had to be easy to use by both staff and residents. The staff’s first priority is the residents and they shouldn’t have to worry about how the equipment works. But it is also for the residents so it needed to be easy for them to use as well.

How did you find the installation process?

David: The installation was brilliant. The project engineer ensured us he would have it completed that day and he worked right up until 10pm. There was no disruption and he worked around us. We asked him to do specific rooms first as some of our residents would want to go to bed early. We have a gentleman who is permanently in bed and when fitting that room the engineer actually engaged with the resident which was really nice.

How does the system benefit your staff?

Annette: If a staff member needs assistance they now do not have to come out of the room to find it. They just push the button and other staff can see that help is needed and can get straight there. It is a lot more effective and staff feel supported.

How does the system benefit your residents?

Annette: Residents know they have the security that they can call for help if they need it. As we have residents with varying needs, some are unable to understand it. However, those who do not understand this system would find any system difficult. It’s reassuring for them as they know it is not intrusive and that it’s there to support them if they want help.

What feature(s) of the system have proved most useful?

David: You can put a message on the screen to come up with a call. For instance, if you have a client with diarrhoea and vomiting it is displayed on screen when the call comes through so you can put all the gear on before you actually get there. I like the idea that it registers when a handset has been removed from the cradle: all the little things are registered. I just like the whole system.

Annette: It is also nice to have the option of a button or a pull cord to raise a call.

How would you describe working with Aid Call?

Annette: We have all met Ade; we went to see him and the equipment at the Script Event then he came out to run through it all with us here. He then came out again to show David. The install was easy and we have got hold of our project engineer again to ask about changing the location of some of the handsets. Everyone we have met has left us their phone number in case we need any help. We can’t fault anything.

David: Everything was absolutely brilliant; even when phoning up or coming into the Newton Abbot office to make payment for the deposit. All the staff have been brilliant and everything was so easy.

Have you made use of our aftercare services?

David: As it is a young system we do not know about after care yet. But if it is anything like the service has been so far we expect it will be absolutely brilliant.

Would you recommend Aid Call?

David: Yes, we would recommend Aid Call: I think it is a very good system and is the whole package. It fits what we needed but I have seen it in another setting and it worked perfectly for them as well. It can be adapted and tailor-made for any setting.

Annette: Yes, definitely! All staff are friendly and helpful plus you’ve got all of the different add on devices, such as epilepsy mats, that you can use if necessary.


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