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Kincarrathie House

Kincarrathie House is a residential care home situated in the outskirts of Perth, East Scotland. Originally the home of Bells Whiskey mogul A.K.Bell, Kincarrathie House first opened its doors as a care home in 1961. It is now a forty-four bed site that provides care for elderly residents on both a long and short-term basis. The home’s extensive grounds include 6.5 acres of parklands, a walled garden and four large vegetable patches, all with views overlooking Perth. 

Maggie Kay, Home Manager, has been a customer of Aid Call for over eighteen years. Having first used an Aid Call system in 1996 whilst working in a previous home, she then installed our system in Kincarrathie House in 2003. Here Maggie speaks about her experience with Aid Call throughout her long history with us.

Aid Call’s CP3000 system is currently in operation at Kincarrathie House alongside our J24 silent pagers and call logging software.

What features were important to you when choosing your Nurse Call system?

I was looking for a system that was easy for both staff and residents to use. A silent system was particularly good for residents as loud alarms can be very intrusive when active over a 24 hour period. I also wanted clearly defined levels of calls for staff. The cost implications were also important to me and I had to consider adaptions such as pendants and touch mats.

How did you find the installation process?

I experienced no issues at all with the installation process. The staff I worked with were both helpful and professional. There was no damage to décor and little or no disruption for residents and staff. The training was clear and concise. Consequentially, the staff find the pagers easy to use.

How does the system benefit your staff?

Calls are displayed very clearly on the pager. Having the three levels of call is essential and benefits both staff and residents. The varying tones of each call type allow the right help to get to where it is needed quickly, especially in the case of an emergency. We also have a printer that records call data, which proves to be very useful in tracking responses to calls.

How does the system benefit your residents?

The system ensures a quick response from staff to residents and also benefits residents as staff can call for assistance or an emergency response without leaving their side. Additions to the system, such as pendants, ensure residents feel safe at all times.

What feature(s) of the system have proved most useful?

I really like the clear instructions on the pagers and the clearly defined level of calls. The printer to track staff responses is also invaluable.

You have worked closely with Chris Donnelly, our National Sales Manager, and Stuart Barclay, our Business Development Manager for Scotland and North England. How you have found this?

Chris and Stuart are professional and reliable. They are always there to support and to answer any questions we may have. They keep me up-to-date on any new developments, but I never feel I am being pushed into spending more money! It is good to know they are there when needed and I always feel valued as a customer.

Have you experienced any problems with your equipment? If so, how were these dealt with?

We did experience a problem recently with the pagers being sent for repair and the time factor for them to be returned. A phone call to Stuart, and this was addressed quickly.

Would you recommend Aid Call?

Yes, most definitely! I think it is the best system on the market. I have no worries with the system and the ongoing support is first class.

Mrs Kay is now working with Stuart Barclay, our local Nurse Call and Assistive Technology specialist, to arrange a full refurbishment of the system to ensure they are working with the very latest technology.


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